The TBL iCitation uses the iPhone, iPad or MDC as a platform to generate digital citations. The program is unique in many ways when compared to other eCitation offerings. First, the TBL iCitation can be deployed with minimal effort from the Law Enforcement Agency or Municipality. In many deployments the Department needs only supply the scanned citation format and TBL does the rest. Second, the App is distributed from the Apple App store for iOS devices and is browser based for MDC use. This architecture allows for rapid seamless distribution, update, upgrade and changes as needed.

The TBL Citation module is easy to use for Front Line Officers, Command Staff and Records Personnel and requiring little training. Licenses, Registrations, Military ID’s and many International ID’s can be scanned and will directly populate in the appropriate fields. Type-ahead, drop down menus and robust search/query are all standard features within the Citation module. When a citation is generated the appropriate court date is automatically populated to reduce the possibility of error and officer time on the side of the road. One of the most unique aspects of the TBL iCitation module is that many officers can generate a citation in well under 60 seconds- in some cases less than 30. Increased Officer safety and increased situational awareness are both hallmarks of the iCitation program.

In most cases the TBL system is less costly to deploy than other eCitation systems available on the market. The mobile hardware (iPhone or iPad) is quickly becoming standard issue at many departments across the U.S. and can save substantial sums of money when compared to single purpose eCitation devices. Also, the TBL Universal Reporting App includes updates, upgrades and ongoing service as standard features. Your overworked I.T. Staff will be happy they will not have another major task added to their already full plate. Printer options are also available on the TBL Products store for purchase or can be leased through TBL for a monthly hardware usage fee.

The TBL Universal Reporting system can be deployed for a single purpose such as Citation, Digital Evidence Management, Crash Reporting, Field Interviews, and Tow Forms. Case Reporting, Quality Control and Workflow Management can also be added for a robust and simple to deploy solution for your entire department.

TBL publishes a Private API (Application Programming Interface) in various formats for integrating with other solutions such as RMS-Records Management Systems, CAD Computer Aided Dispatch, Court Case Management Systems and more. These APIs are available to any customer.

One of the main differences is that your agency may currently own the mobile device. iPhones are becoming more and more mainstream as departments see the benefits of deploying best in class smart phones for their front line officers. These multi-function devices are highly secure (more-so than your MDC), can serve many purposes and in most cases are less expensive than a single-purpose eCitation writer. Additionally, the TBL Security Infrastructure enables full CJIS compliance allowing for CJI data to be generated, housed and transmitted through the same interface.

Report information including digital evidence, maps, and embedded drawings are sync’d to the TBL hosted portal in near-real time using LTE or Wifi on the iPhone or MDC. Report data including all digital evidence can then be reviewed and quality controlled by Command Staff and Records Personnel.

The TBL iCitation platform transmits citations and evidence in real time to an FBI-CJIS Compliant portal. Citations can be integrated into Court based systems that allow for a seamless upload of citations. . Each report can be approved, edited or rejected and will return to the officers account through the App or Portal access to

The TBL iCitation is FBI-CJIS, NIBRS and HIPAA compliant allowing for Civil, Traffic, Parking, and Criminal Citations.

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